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Sadly the day has come to announce the end of the Zimmer Twins. One week from now the ZimmerTwins website will shut down. As of today we will no longer accept new memberships or allow comments or new movies. Refunds will be issued for any outstanding memberships. If you wish to view a favourite movie one last time, now is your chance.

15 years ago the Zimmer Twins was created as a platform for open ended storytelling. Over that time we have made over a million movies and broadcast hundreds of television shorts. We are very proud of our product.

It has been a privilege watching you grow and share your adventures. Every one of you has created some fantastic stories. You have made Zimmer Twins thrive.

We want to thank our community of story builders who have brought Edgar and Eva to life over the past decade.

Now there is only one thing left to do.
Keep telling awesome stories!
The Zimmer Twins Team

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Summer Series

Bored this summer? Need ideas for what to do? What about creating your own animated ZT series. What adventures will Eva and Edgar get up to? Travel? A new sport or hobby? Maybe they will learn a new song or a new magic trick? You decide!

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